Better living through chemistry

Spent most of Saturday doing things I haven’t been able to do easily in recent weeks.

What things?

  • Oh, walking up and down steps without stopping to let the pain in my knees ease.
  • Putting on my jeans in the morning without having to lean against a chest or wall while taking two or more tries to get each foot into the proper leg of the garment .
  • Climbing into and out of Amy’s ultra-low slung Mini Cooper without grunting and groaning.
  • Enjoying simple, normal physical exertions of day-to-day life.

Call it better living through chemistry.

The cortisone that the orthopedist at Carilion Clinic in Roanoke shot into my knees Friday ended several weeks of staggered walking, inability to climb or descend stairs easily or other simple functions.

Suddenly, I can turn over easily in bed. I can bend over to tie my shoes. I jogged down the steps this morning for get a cup of coffee and then took the steps back up two at a time.

I was able to get down on my knees to work on a problem this morning without pain and could easily get back up.

On Monday, I can resume my daily exercise routine of cardiovascular exercises that include 35 minutes and at least five miles on a cardio bike (30 minutes at speed and five “cool down”) and another 25 minutes of stretching and strength exercises.

Increasing muscular impairments slowly, but steadily, turned simple walks into painful exertions. I found I my movements jerky and my pain at higher levels than I realized, even with daily intake of Tramadol and sodium naproxen pain medications.

Of course, the relief is — at best — temporary. In about three months, I may need two more shots or tests between now and then may suggest other more permanent treatments.

For right now, I’ll take what I can get and I’m loving it.

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