Power back for most but dark spots remain

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Our power returned over APCO electrical lines at 8:30 am Tuesday.  Our Generac whole house automatic generator shut down a few minutes later after keeping power to the house for a little over 17 hours.

However, the utility says at least 636 customers in Floyd County stay in the dark at 9:26 pm Tuesday.

While most outages affect few customers in each spot, restoration estimates say some areas might not see electricity until sometime Thursday night, if then. That’s the estimate for five powerless spots in Meadows of Dan.

Same for another five near U.S. 221 with the intersection of Indian Valley Road.  Just a couple of miles south, fewer then five have promises that power should return back Tuesday afternoon.

Says an APCO official: “We’re experiencing a large number of outages due to high winds affecting multiple states and large population centers from Illinois to the east coast.”

Along with some small population areas like Floyd County.

A piece of good news for Tuesday and Wednesday, says Roanoke Times weather guru Kevin Myatt:

If there is a silver lining to the gusty winds, it’s that the air mass it is sweeping in will feature seasonable temperatures (50s highs, 30s lows, mostly) and no chance of rain through Wednesday and possibly at least the daylight hours of Thursday, a much needed dry-out after multiple inches of rain in recent days. There will be a chance of showers late in the week with the next system and cold front.

Enjoy the respite while it lasts.

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