Spring? Not just yet

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So much for better weather going into this weekend.

The temperature outside shows freezing temperatures.  Snow fell overnight and we’re in the middle of yet another “winter weather advisory.”

Says the National Weather Advisory office in Blacksburg:

..WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 7 PM EST THIS EVENING… * WHAT…Mixed precipitation. Total snow accumulations of 1 to 3 inches and ice accumulations of a light glaze, mainly along the Blue Ridge. * WHERE…Portions of southwest and west-central Virginia, northwest North Carolina and southeast West Virginia. * WHEN…Until 7 PM EST this evening. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS…Plan on slippery road conditions. The hazardous conditions could impact the morning or evening commute. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS… A Winter Weather Advisory means that periods of snow, sleet or freezing rain will cause travel difficulties. Expect slippery roads and limited visibilities, and use caution while driving.

With Friday’s “high” foreseen at about 36 degrees before falling down to freezing against overnight and a Saturday night of just 37, the predicted Sunday outlook is now cloudy with a high of 66 and then a dip back down to 38 Sunday night

Still, the weather service claims, we should see highs in the 50s and possibly 60 by a week from today with mostly clear weather from Sunday through Wednesday before two days of showers after that.

As with all prognostications by the “forecasters,” all this could — and most likely will — change.

The garbage (AKA “snow”) that fell overnight and will fall again Friday. The white excrement is forecasted to return on Sunday, March 17, just two days after “the ides of March,” known primarily as the day Roman dictator fell to assassins.

The snow expected to arrive on March 17 may continue to March 21 — the day after Spring arrives.

So much for the predictions of that fat groundhog up in Pennsylvania, who predicted an early Spring.

Maybe we should assassinate him.

Along with Mother Nature.

Yeah, I’m in a bad mood.  Crappy weather does that and this has been the Mother of crappy winters, which followed a crappy Autumn and a crappy drenched summer.

I’m considering crawling back into bed and saying “the hell with March” and stay under the covers until at least April.

Can’t do that, of course, because of meetings and court sessions to cover, a Spring sports season to photography, assuming weather permits and other items on the schedule.

Like a mailman, bad weather is ignored and we muddle on.

Cussing all the way.

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