A windfall at Oak Grove

Windfall was called Brother Wind when I first heard them play at Floyd’s Spring into Summer event in 2004 but I’ve been a fan ever since hearing their music.

Their show at Oak Grover Pavilion Saturday night was a mix of folk, country, pop and more, including a harmonious interpretation of John Prine’s “Paradise” and a numerous ditty called “Running on Floyd Time,” which is also the title of their latest album.

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3 thoughts on “A windfall at Oak Grove”

  1. Thanks for the kind words Joanne and Tom and for the pics and story Doug. We always enjoy “The Oak Grove”. It is really a great venue and it helps local Charities! Thanks to all of our community, friends and visitors who made it a fun night for us! Nothing like a little sing a long under the stars!! Special thaks to the Gardners and the folks at Skin Solutions for the sponsorship and to Carter for the invitation!
    (Dave, Michael, Kari and Rusty)

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