Happily on the road again

A winding road, a good motorcycle and a great day.
A winding road, a good motorcycle and a great day.

Gorgeous day Sunday.  Temperatures in the 60s and a nice amount of sunlight brought climbing on the bike (motorized one, of course) for an afternoon ridge.

Headed Southwest on U.S. 221 into Floyd, then right on Virginia Rte. 8 to head south down Woolwine Mountain.  Route 40 beckoned and I hit the twists and turns before turning left on Iron Bridge Road for a pleasant cruise over to U.S. 57, then through Basset to U.S. 220 towards Rocky Mount.

After a soda and a chance to stretch my legs, 40 led to Six Mile Post Road, which dead ends into Ferrum Mountain Road where a right turn led to Five Mile Mountain Road for another brisk ride up the higher altitudes and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Franklin Pike led to Poor Farm Road (right turn) and a left on Sandy Flats Road led to Greenbriar Lane and up the driveway home.

I left a little after 3 and arrived back home just past 5.  Not much traffic, even on U.S. 220 just outside Martinsville, where Brad Keselowski led 446 of the 500 laps, including the last one, to win the STP 500 in Martinsville.

I managed to pass near Martinsville about 45 minutes before the race finished.  I had forgotten the race or I might have tried another route to avoid the madness we find on streets after the end of one.

As usual, I left home Sunday afternoon without any idea where I might go.  The intersection at Floyd’s only stoplight was clear when I topped the hill so a left turn was easy and available.  Three cars ahead of me on Rte. 8 turned on to the entrance of the Parkway so I stayed on 8 and headed down the mountain towards Woolwine.

At the intersection with Rte. 40, an older pickup turned on to 40, which looked might he might be an obstacle, so I turned left on to 40 and saw only oncoming vehicles until heading down Iron Bridge road, where I didn’t see another car all the way to U.S. 57.

When I ride, each stop at a light or a stop sign brings a question:  Which way?

The late, great Chuck Berry sang “No Particular Place to Go” in 1964.  Although the four verse story in the song concerned a couple out on a drive and any further activities that might start after parking the car are blocked by a seat belt that would not release, it has been my anthem for motorcycle rides.

Leaving for a planned location defeats the desire to just go out and go.  I’ve visited a lot of good places by accident and I have a GPS to lead me home if I get lost.

Try it some time. You might find someplace you’ve never visited and discover that you want to go there again…and again…and again.

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