Memories should be precious, not lost

A Carilion neuropsychologist Friday put me on medication to help handle short-term memory loss that continues to haunt me since the brain trauma I suffered in my motorcycle accident in late 2012.

MBT (for Massive Brain Trauma) was a closed head injury that affects my “cognitive memory functions.”  I sometimes lose my train of thought in the middle of a sentence or can’t recall the name of even close friends, only to remember such information several minutes later.

The medication, donepezil, the Mayo Clinic website reports, helps with memory problems, including those with symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The doctor says he doubts I have either ailment but feels the medication may help what he calls “minimal cognitive impairment.”  At this point, tests cannot say if they will remain “minimal” or get worse.

In 2012, the injuries required testing by a neuropsychologist before I could be cleared to drive a vehicle again rlease from the hospital.  The tests cleared me.  A failed candidate for local office publicly questioned if  I have a concealed carry pistol permit.  I discussed that concern directly with the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department and Circuit Judge Marc Long and they found no reason for concern.

My memory problems bother me. I’ve decided to let everyone know that I suffer from such problems and ask any and all to let me know of any time they feel I have forgotten something that I promised or needed to do for them.

Last week, I came across a CD of photos that I had taken last fall for a woman who asked for help in documenting a landscape view that she feared might be compromised by ridge top building. When I found the CD, Amy remembered why I took the photos remember the name of the person requesting them. If he or she is a FB member or if anyone knows who that person might be, please let me know so I can turn deliver the photos.

Also, if I have not followed through on any other requests to folks, please let me know. My memory is not what it once was and if I have failed to deliver on requests, I will try to correct the failures.  Please do not hesitate to let me know if I have forgotten something or failed to deliver on a promise.  I know I have memory problems and reminders will not upset me.

I have shared this information in part as a cry for help.  I’m worried.  I don’t like having this problem. Hopefully, the medication I am now taking will help.

However, I want everyone to know that if I cannot recall something, forget a name or show any memory problems, I am aware of the situation and am trying to correct it.

I am truly sorry for any problems this has caused for anyone. Please feel free to contact me via FB private message (or publicly if you wish).  My home phone is in the Citizens phonebook or you can email me at .

(Updated with more information.)

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