Another power outage in Floyd County

Another large-scale power outage in Floyd County, starting around 7:16 am Sunday, affecting more than 3,400 customers and an expected restoration time of 1:30 pm.

Appalachian Power says their workers restored power to most customers at 12:5 pm after an outage of 5 hours and 17 minutes.

The outage stretched along U.S. 221 from south of Willis beyond Check to Copper Hill and areas on either side of this highway.

Residents and business customers reported no power throughout the town of Floyd, along Christiansburg/Franklin Pikes and Virginia Rte. 8 from Tuggles Gap to the South and close to Alum Ridge Northward.

APCo says a problem at a substation started the problems but are not providing any specifics.

As a friend who retired from APCO some years ago often noted: “Murphy is an optimist.”

This outage affected about 34 percent of the residential and business electrical customers of Floyd County and is the latest of a series of power outages since the first of the year.

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