Murphy was, truly, an optimist

Murphy’s law says that anything that can do wrong…will.

Murphy was an optimist.

Just before the rains that came into our area over last weekend, I tried to fire up our Troy-Bilt Pony riding lawn mower.  Gas shot from the line near the carburetor.

Quick check found holes in the line.  The holes looked, suspiciously, like chew marks from a critter (probably a mouse).

The fuel filter also needed replacing.  My fault for not checking earlier but lethargy, like Murphy, rules.

Didn’t have a filter available in Floyd at 6 p.m. and it was too late to drive to Christiansburg or Roanoke to get one and return in time to mow before the rains arrived later in the evening.

Got what I needed over the weekend…or at least what I though I needed.

Put in a new fuel line and filter, tightened everything up, and turned the key.  The mower turned over around half a turn and stopped.  Hooked up the battery charge and let it charge overnight Sunday.

On Monday, still a half turn and stop.  Probably a compression blockage, which seems to happen with Briggs & Stratton engines that sit over the winter months.

Took off the hood, pulled the old plug and left the port open and the engine turned over just fine.  Drained the oil tank, replaced it with fresh oil, put in a new plug and hit starter.  It fired up but gas began shooting out from another connection on the carb so I shut it down and found another hole in a second line.  Picked up another fresh put the line clamp broke while reinstalling it.  Didn’t have a replacement in the tool box and it was time to head over to the high school to shoot track photos.

Court Tuesday with Supervisors Tuesday night.  Will try to pick up new clamps Tuesday afternoon at Farmers Supply.

Wednesday looks relatively rain free but Thursday and Friday has rain promised.

Maybe I can fix the last of the leaks Wednesday morning and get the mower working to at least mow the lower part of our three-and-a-half acre yard before it is declared a wilderness area.

If Murphy allows.

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