Riders on this Friday’s storms

Thunderstorm in the mountains.

It’s Friday, so rain must be falling — and in much of the Southeast that also means turbulent, violent thunderstorms and, possibly, tornadoes.

Storms are expected in and around Floyd County on this Friday, part of a widespread weather front that killed two people in an EF3 tornado that hit Rushton, LA, a mother and two children in Texas, detailed a train in Fort Worth and floods in many areas.

“We took a direct hit,” Lincoln Parish Mike Stone told The Weather Channel. “I’ve never seen it this bad in my 43 years.  It’s tragic, and it’s doing to be a while before we can get all this cleaned up.”

Tornados are not limited to the normal storm zones in the South and Midwest.  One struck the Smith Mountain Lake area of Franklin County last week, destroying two homes and causing other damage.  Fortunately, that storm did not leave any death of serious injuries.

How violent are the storms?  Take a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway to see the many trees down, some split in half, littering both sides of a national park that is not so scenic right now.

However, if the forecasts from the National Weather Service office in Blacksburg are correct, Saturday and Sunday of this weekend should be decent with mostly sunny days with a high of 66 Saturday and 72 on Sunday.  Precipitation forecasts day zero percent chance on Saturday and 10 percent chance for Sunday through Tuesday.

Be safe on this Friday and enjoy the weather that is forecasted to follow for the days that follow.


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