Is there such a thing as a ‘normal’ work week?

Is it possible?  Are we heading into a dry week?

No, it’s not.  While we may be dry Monday through Friday, Saturday’s forecast calls for showers and the same for Sunday.

Plus, the forecasts from the National Weather Service shows a 20 percent chance of precipitation on Monday and 10 percent of the rest of the work week.

Speaking of work weeks, I wonder how many people have spent most of their work lives in jobs that limited work to just Monday through Friday?

My full-time job at The Floyd Press during my high school days included weekend assignments and more than a few late nights covering news events or finishing up the paper late on Wednesday to get the printed editions to the post offices in Floyd County in the early morning hours of Thursday.

I started work for The Roanoke Times on a Saturday in 1965.  Worked many Saturdays and Sundays.  Also worked on Christmas days.

Retail establishments stay open Saturdays and most Sundays.  So do restaurants. Banks used to close at 2 pm.  Now tellers keep collecting deposits until 6 pm on weekdays and noon on Saturdays.

Some supermarkets in Roanoke and Christiansburg remain open around the clock, seven days a week.  So does Wal-Mart. K-Mart tried doing the same, but now it is hard to find one of their stores open anywhere at any time.

When we lived in Arlington, we could order prepared food delivered to our condo around the clock or venture down to our local IHOP a couple of blocks away.  We can find something to eat at 2 AM at a Waffle House of IHOP in Christiansburg or there’s always Texas Tavern in Roanoke but all sit-down restaurants in Floyd are shut down by 10 PM (and some earlier).  Pizza Inn is open later on weekends, and Hardees stays open until 11.

So what does a work week look like for those who work at such places?

Sheriff’s deputies work around the clock in shifts.  State troopers work until late in the evening and are available on call day or night.  Floyd County now has a full-time, around the clock, paid rescue and emergency medical squad, supplemented by volunteers when needed.  The Floyd County Fire Department remains an all-volunteer squad and all are subject to call 24/7.

As a contractor for The Floyd Press, I cover athletic events in the evenings, night meetings of the Board of Supervisors and weekend events.

A Monday through Friday work week does not affect many folks.  It does not matter if they work full-time (sometimes at more than one job), part-time or as a supplement to retirement income.

Most work because they have to, others because they want to and some — like me — have never learned to stop.

Have a nice week…and please, don’t work too hard.

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