The Start of Summer

Music on the street, along with some motorcycles: Friday night in Floyd.

Welcome to Memorial Day weekend, the traditional opening of Spring and more.

This one opens with the graduation of Floyd County High School Seniors, the Class of 2019.  For some of us, high school graduation day brings back memories from more than 50 years ago.

Music at Chantilly Farms during a previous Memorial Day weekend.

This weekend includes the annual Chantilly Farm BBQ and Bluegrass Festival, along with the weekly gathering of old-time music bands, fans and dancers at The Friday Night Jamboree and a host of activities for everyone.

Dancers at the Jamboree

But while having fun, we should also remember the reason for this holiday: A time to honor those who served this nation and paid the ultimate price. Let’s remember them and say thanks to those who served and came home.

A son and grandson find the name of a cherished relative on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall.

Have a safe weekend.

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