As a Floyd County resident, how do you rank?

Who are the residents of Floyd County, Virginia?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau estimates for the current year, we are 15,795 residents — 95.9 percent white.

Genderwise, are just about 50-50: with 49.6 percent women.

About one-fifth (20.1 percent) are under age 19 while 22.2 percent are age 65 or older.

Hispanic or Latinos account for about three percent of the county’s population and African-Americans are two percent.  No other ethnic mix accounts for more than one percent.

Floyd County has 1,076 military veterans.  Foreign-born residents comprise 2.7 percent

Just under one-fifth of the county’s residents have college degrees while 85 percent are high school graduates.

Three-quarters of the county’s homes have at least one computer and 66.8 percent have broadband internet access.

Our residents live in 8,075 “housing units” and 80.8 percent own their homes.  Those who rent pay an average of $611 a month.  An average home has an assessed value of $153,800.  Homeowners with a mortgage pay about $1,070 in housing costs while those without mortgages pay about $309.

Just under 60 percent of residents comprise the “civilian labor force” and 54.6 percent of them are women.

Per capita annual income in this county is $25,446.  Businesses in the county employ 2,222 but 12.4 percent of the county’s residents live in poverty.

All of this information comes from the nation’s census bureau’s “Statistical Abstract” that is considered, more or less, accurate and current.

Where do you rank?


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