A busy, busy Tuesday for Floyd County news

Floyd County Supervisors

For the Floyd Press reporter assigned to cover the Supervisors and the Court, Tuesday are normally busy days.  Since I also photograph high school sports, this Tuesday would be a monster day.

Lots of things to do on a busy Tuesday in Floyd County.

Floyd County Supervisors face public hearing Tuesday night on two financial matters:  A $37.3 million budget to pay for county government activities for the new fiscal year that begins on July 1 and another on whether or not to hike the annual compensation for the supervisors from a base of $3,200 to $5,500.

The salary hike for Supervisors would be the first pay increase in 35 years.

The new budget does not call for a tax increase.  Neither does the pay raise for supervisors.

The public hearings some on an evening when the Floyd County High School Lady Buffaloes softball team host state tournament play against Richlands, starting at 5 pm. Tuesday also is Floyd County Circuit Court’s normal day of hearings and this week was originally set for final sentencing for self-declared “mountain man” Jack Eugene Lewis on drug and child pornography counts.  In February, a jury found Lewis guilty of all charges and sentenced him to a total of 106 years in prison.

Lewis, who originally wanted to represent himself, is on his third court-appointed attorney and alternates between courtroom statements that “Jesus is with me” and obscenity-laced tirades against Judge Marc Long and Commonwealth’s Attorney Eric Branscom.

His latest date for sentencing is July 2.  Several other items remain on the docket this Tuesday

Time to lace up my running shoes.


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