Looks like a rainy weekend here in the Blue Ridge

Weather radar outlook for 2 p.m. Friday (Courtesy of the Weather Channel)
"Expect occasional rain to continue for the next several hours," says the forecast on weather.com this morning. The "chance" for precipitation stands at 90 percent with 100 percent humidity at 8 a.m.

Then it drops to 35 percent chance of rain by 9, then 20 at 10, then 25 by 11 before heading back up into the 70s and 80s this afternoon.  Humidity?  Over 95 percent all day.

The chance of rain reaches 100 percent by midnight.

Forecast for Saturday?  Rain. At least 90 percent.

Sunday?  Pretty much the same.

And same for Monday.  Rain and thunderstorms throughout the region.

Little wonder my sinuses are acting up.

“If your nose runs and you feet smell, you’re built upside down,” says an old saying.

My nose if running at full pace so I can’t say for sure if my feet are smelly.  I did just get out of the shower.

Looks like bad news for anything set for outside but there are still many other things to do this weekend.

Be careful, have fun and keep dry (if you can).


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