Gas pains? It gets worse on July 1

The I-81 "corridor" where gax taxes take effect on July 1.

Better top off the gas tanks on all of your vehicles this weekend because prices go up 7.6 cents a gallon at midnight Sunday to “help pay for improvements” under a state funding program along the Interstate 81 corridor.

That gas that costs 2.39.9 cents a gallon for regular will cost at least 2.47.5 cents on Monday in Floyd County, which Virginia now considers part of the I-81,

Floyd and Carroll County gas stations will be charging the tax increase, along with Franklin — counties that I-81 does not run through.  Patrick County stations will not.

Montgomery County is also hit for the extra tax since I-81 runs through there but the increase also affects Giles, which also does not have a single foot of I-81 in it.

Floyd County Supervisors this week agreed to draft a resolution objecting to having the county included in the higher gas price area and will ask other such affected counties to join them but the move is a long shot, as best.  Montgomery County members of the General Assembly lobbied to include Floyd in the corridor because owners of its gas stations did not want to see their residents cross over into Floyd to buy gas.

The map of included areas was not shown to the affected counties until after the tax law passed and Gov. Ralph Northern signed it.

The new last does not determine, in any detail, the planned road improvements but none will affect Virginia Rte. 8, which is the primary road used by most Floyd County residents to reach I-81.

Let’s see.  Wasn’t “taxation without representation” one of the causes of the Revolutionary War that created America back in the 1700s?


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