Nice weather: Time to catch up on yard work

Our front yard...or at least part of it.

An incredibly pleasant day for a short motorcycle ride Wednesday with temperatures in the mid-70s and humidity in the 50s.  I should have spent the day mowing but the grass remained too wet from Tuesday’s rain.  At least I did spend some needed time in the gym.

Another cool evening overnight with the thermometer sitting on 51 degrees on our back porch at 0500 Thursday.

With a zero chance of rain Thursday and sunny weather for most of the daytime hours, the weather is much more like what we like to see here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia.

Daytime highs are forecast to remain in the 70s through Saturday before climbing in the low 80s for Sunday and Monday, which should give me time to try and bring the wilderness area that used to be our front yard back under control.  If I can fix a perennially flat front tire on our Kabota tractor, I might be able to tackle the canyon filled driveway too.

The 23 years we spent in a high-rise condo in Arlington spoiled both Amy and me when it comes to keeping our yard, driveway and other parts of our home fixed and up to date.  As readers know, our gravel driveway is a steep, straight shot from our hilltop home down to the private drive we share with one neighbor.  Frequent and hard rains keep it in need of replowing and repair.

In Arlington, our “yard” was a balcony with Astroturf.  It took, at most, about 30 minutes to sweep it off and dust the railings and concrete sides. We owned two “condo” parking spaces in the underground garage and leased a third for most of the two-plus decades that it was our home.

Our condo fee took care of utilities, cleaning of the windows and walls on the outside of our unit along with cleaning and maintenance of the garage.

In Alton, Illinois, our “yard” was a narrow strip of grass between the front of our townhouse and the sidewalk and street.  The decks on the first second floors in the year were wood and a washdown with a hose took care of most of the needed care.  We did have a good view of the Mississippi River.

Buying our latest home in Floyd in 2004 included a three-and-a-acre front yard, mostly on a hillside.  We had a push mower in Alton, no mower or edger in Arlington, but now are on our third riding lawn mower, three edgers, a tiller, a snowblower, a tractor with a blade and a brush mower attachment, a chipper and other utensils.

I was able to keep up with the lawn needs, most of the time, before the motorcycle-cow accident in 2012, but physical limitations afterward caused me to get further and further behind.  We had a lawn service take care of the yard for two years after the accident but that cost proved prohibitive for someone on a fixed retirement income.

Mowing is also complicated because of sinkholes now appear in the yard.  Seems a previous owner cut down trees and buried the stumps.  They’re pretty much decomposed now so we had the dips.

It’s our home and our responsibility.  We’ve had to have our current mower repaired twice this year but, hopefully, it is ready to go.

The weather this year has not helped but the coming weekend looks like decent weather, not too hot and some time to tackle the wilderness area.  I need to get it done before going to Carilion Clinic next Wednesday for more skin cancer surgery.

Ah, life in the country.

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