Power went out at 1:25 pm Sunday

Power went out and our automatic Generac whole-house generator kicked in around 1:25 pm Sunday.

APCO does not show any widespread outage on their website as this is written.  We have reported our outage.

UPDATE:  Power came back on at 1:51 pm.  Our generator went through its shutdown cycle and everything seems OK.  Emal that arrived at 1:45 pm from APCO estimated the power would be restored by 9 pm tonight.

A phone call from APCO seemed to indicate that our outage was the only customer affected but then the power came back on about five minutes after that call.

The latest updated power outage map on the utility’s website says seven customers, including us, were affected along or near Sandy Flats Road SE.

No other information was available at this point.

We will keep monitoring.

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