Tractors, heat and fun on a Saturday ride

Tractor and the crowd.
The parade of tractors along Main Street of Floyd.

Some 90 or so tractors and hundreds of passengers toured the roads of Floyd County Saturday in the 13th Annual Tractor Fun Run.

A large crowd lined Main Street of Floyd as the caravan roared through town shortly after the 10 a.m. start and headed north on Locust Street, then right on Needmore Lane and headed for the country roads and byways.

High temperatures did not deter those who came, drove, rode and had a good time.

More photos and a story on the ride in the next edition of The Floyd Press.

Passengers enjoying the ride.
Waiting in line and having some fun during the break for lunch.
More tractors on Main Street.
Tractors of all sizes, shapes and ages on the fun run.

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