Galax downs the Buffaloes in preseason match-up

A lateral failed to gain ground.
Running often proved difficult against the tough Galax defense.

Floyd County High School’s Varsity Buffaloes went scoreless Friday night in a preseason benefit game at home against the Galax Maroon Tide but officials wiped out two scores on penalties.

Penalties told the story after the Tide scored on its first possession and then watched every chance to close in on another score set back by several infractions.

Same for the Buffs, who let penalties push them further and further away from the goal line throughout the game.

A drenching rain before the game quickly dried in the high heat and threats of a later storm did not materialize.

More photos in the next edition of The Floyd Press.

The Buffaloes punter stayed busy for most of the game.
The Floyd County Marching Band works up enthusiasm.

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