Post sunset on a Thursday night

Post-sunset colors over Floyd County on Sept. 5, 2019.

As a photographer, I should be ashamed that I seldom use the camera that is always attached to my belt — my iPhone.

It’s a good camera with decent resolution and usable color definition.

I had just finished packing up my “professional” cameras in their padded bag Thursday night after shooting volleyball game photos for The Floyd Press when I noticed the post-sunset colors of the sky towards the West from the parking lot of Floyd County High School and was about to reopen the trunk of our Can Am motorcycle to retrieve one when I saw some students using their smartphones to capture the beauty of nature.

Idiot me had not even thought of that, so I unclipped the iPhone from the holder on my belt and pointed it towards the sky.

The photo above is cropped from one of the frames I shot.  No need to balance color and fiddle with the resolution.  It is right out of the box.

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  1. We live in remarkable times, photographically speaking. Only the most extravagant futurists or sci-fi writers could have predicted the power we carry in our pockets to record the visual world we walk in every day. And you can also make phone calls with it, I hear.

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