Bust at FloydFest site angers Floyd County plumber

The Patrick Count Sheriff Department busted Lawrence (Robbie) Robbins Jr., a popular Floyd County master plumber, for trespassing at the FloydFest site Tuesday and he’s mad as hell about it.

Robbins said he had permission to be on the site to help with construction of a vendor’s booth for Republic of Floyd owner Tom Ryan when FloydFest security chief Robert “Bob the Builder” Forman ordered him to leave.

Forman and Robbins have a history. An argument at a musical event at Pine Tavern last year ended with one punch and Forman on the losing end.

Robbins says he left the site and called FloydFest officials. One came and gave him permission to return after talking with the vacationing FloydFest owners by phone and went back with him on the site.

When Robbins and the FloydFest employee went back on the site to resume work, witnesses say Forman stormed up and unleashed a long string of obscenities at the FloydFest staffer, screaming “who the f— are you to overrule me.”

Forman called the Patrick County Sheriff’s office and a deputy arrived. Robbins was handcuffed and placed in the deputy’s car and FloydFest owners were called again. This time, Robbins said, the owners denied giving him permission to return to the site. So Robbins was taken to Stuart and charged with trespassing after being forbidden to be on the property.

Robbins says he had permission and would not have entered the site without it.  FloydFest officials aren’t talking about the incident. Neither is Republic of Floyd owner Ryan. Others present say Forman was confrontational, belligerent and shouting obscenities.

Robbins is scheduled to be arraigned in Patrick County General District Court on Wednesday, July 21 — the day before FloydFest begins. He’s pissed, says he plans to fight the charge and is considering other legal action against FloydFest and Forman.

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3 thoughts on “Bust at FloydFest site angers Floyd County plumber”

  1. While your rhetoric leaves no doubt who’s “story” you’re buying in this unfortunate situation, considering the cast of “personalities” involved I think Builder Bob probably did the right thing, especially if it was done in an effort to avoid another pointless physical confrontation.

    Seriously, the plumber should have turned around and gone home when Bob told him to. It’s as simple as that. In the end, he may be able to have the charges dropped in Patrick County but the notion that he can pursue legal action against FloydFest and/or Bob is as absurd as Tom Ryan not having a comment.

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