The fog of driving and the need for light

Fog on U.S. 221 in Floyd County and a courteous driver who had his headlights burning.

Fog blanketed parts of Floyd County Monday as damp conditions previewed more rain and foggy conditions set for Tuesday.

“Expect occasional rain to continue for the net several hours,” said the National Weather Service office in Blacksburg at 0600 (6 a.m.) on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s forecast calls for rain with a high of 63 in our area, then sunny with the same temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday before clouds again on Friday and a little cooler and showers Saturday with a high in only the upper 50s.

At our house, we don’t need Doppler radar or the cute meteorologists in short dresses to tell us that rain is coming. Both Amy and I suffer from advanced arthritis and our aches and pains tell us the wet stuff is coming.

When I drove over to Christiansburg Monday night to pick up a new battery for our Jeep Liberty, I ran into drizzle and foggy conditions on Route 8, pretty much the same as I saw from Check northwards on U.S. 221 towards Roanoke earlier in the day.

We need the rain but can do without the fog, especially when it comes to driving on the road with those who don’t think to turn on their headlight or fog beams during bad weather.

I find it incredible to encounter the many drivers who fail to turn on their car’s lights when driving in bad conditions or as darkness approaches. We drive our cars with at least the fog lights on both our cars day or night because they provide much-needed illumination for other drivers on the road but  I’ve lost track of those whose vehicles come, without warning, from fog or darkness with no lights are warning.

Sweden, a country that takes auto safety seriously, began requiring all cars licenses there to have headlights or daytime running light on when they are operated.  Volvo, the car company still headquartered in Sweden (although it is now owned by the Chinese) produces cars where the headlights burn whenever their car is started.

Regulations require motorcycles to run with headlights on.  Too bad the same rule does not include all road vehicles.

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