Dress for the cold on Senior Night

Buffalo quarterback Avery Chaffin tosses off to Braden Chaffin, who scored the final touchdown of the night with an eight-yard run.

Last home game of this regular season of Floyd County High School Buffaloes varsity football Friday night. Senior night and a cold one at that.

The temperature sits at freezing this morning, along with a wind chill advisory until noon. At best, the National Weather Service advises, the thermometer might rise to the mid-to-upper 40s by this afternoon before plummeting back into the 30s by the time the game begins at 7 p.m.

Some might call this good football weather. Others call it cold.

The Buffaloes face Radford tonight: A tough game. With a district record just one game over .500, a win can help the limited playoff picture for the Buffs.

Seven seniors play the last home game of their football season for the last time this evening. Seniors for the band and cheerleaders will be honored as well. Bundle up and cheer their efforts.

See you at the game.


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