The Grinches who stole this year’s Christmas

(Eric Drooker/The Nation)
Those who dislike Donald Trump, and there are many, say he has turned America into an angry, hate-filled nation who has little use for a Christmas Spirit. He's not alone.

A number of friends (and, yes, I do have some) have expressed a lack of “Christmas spirit” this year.

“Too much anger and hate around us,” said one. “We live in divided, misguided times.”

Many of those who express a lack of Christmas spirit point to one source: America’s controversial president.

They aren’t alone.

“The gross fact of the matter is that whatever enthusiasm I once felt for Christmas has dissipated entirely in the age of Donald Trump. He ruins everything he touches, and Christmas, for me, is no exception,” writes Amanda Marcotte in Salon.

She adds:

Forget Tiny Tim declaring, “God bless us, everyone!” It’s clear that for that 40% of people in the Trump cult, it’s closer to “Damn anyone to hell who isn’t exactly like us!”

Perhaps those who are forsaking the Christmas spirit this year remember Trump’s conversation last year with a seven-year-old: “Are you still a believer in Santa? Because at seven it’s marginal, right?”

Trump is not alone as a source of those who help kill the Christmas spirit:

John Crudele of the New York Post says an email ad from Henry Repeating Arms Company put a big damper on Christmas.  He writes:

I got an email the other day from the Henry Repeating Arms company. In the subject line was this: “Nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ Like An AR-7.”

And nothing says “idiot” like the person who wrote that line.

In case you don’t know guns, an AR-7 is a semi-automatic rifle that can be used to defend your family, go hunting and — in the wrong hands — kill a lot of people.

There was an ad below that despicable introduction: “A gift for those who blaze their own trail,” followed by pictures of the AR-7 and the fact that it was available in three colors.

I don’t care what religion you believe in or what your feelings about guns happen to be, but this particular email should piss you off. I wish there was a more eloquent way of saying that but I can’t find it right now.

No one should blame Crudele for his anger. That kind of marketing pisses me off and I own a Henry Big Boy .44 magnum rifle.

Trump’s middle son, Eric, who is, we are told, helping run the Trump family business while his father runs the nation into the ground, tried last year to use Twitter to sell Trump-themed Christmas ornaments. That didn’t sit well with the wave of unhappy Twitter users.

Reports People magazine:

Almost immediately, followers started bombarding the first son with jokes about a recent scandal in which the 45th commander and chief failed to attend a celebration of the WWI armistice at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial in France, allegedly because the rain prevented his helicopter from flying there.

Son Eric was promoting the Trump Store, which also sells ornaments proclaim “Happy Holidays.”

Happy Holidays? Hasn’t President Trump demanded the people say “Merry Christmas” instead?

Columnist Gail Collins says she has trouble thinking about Christmas when there is so much to talk about when it comes to the graft and greed of our 45th president. She says this Christmas, like past ones of Trump’s current term, is dominated by another example of questionable activity: his bribery attempt and obstruction of justice that led to impeachment:

Particularly if you combine it with the money he’s piling up from his Scottish golf resort (thank you Air Force visitors), the Washington hotel (welcome, Saudi officials) and from what the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington estimated were more than 2,300 conflicts of interest between his personal finances and his day job.

A dreadful leader plus a greedy crook: It really does give us a leg up in the drive to make sure Trump goes down in history as the worst president ever.

Amazing times, huh? Of course, watching the impeachment drama loses a little zip when you remember that the Senate Republicans are never actually going to toss the president out of office. But that’s a story for 2020. Meanwhile, the holidays have to be a little bit brighter when you contemplate the fact that Donald Trump is definitely not having his best Christmas ever.

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