Snow? Maybe a little

Possible light snow.

Thursday’s forecast of light snow has schools closing early but didn’t even bring a winter storm watch or warning from the National Weather Service in Blacksburg.

NWS predicts snow will start falling around 11:45 a.m. and should end before dark with 1-3 inches of accumulation.

That’s it?

With temperatures expected to remain in the lower 30s for most of the day before dipping into the 20s and the high teens by morning, the real threat could be ice on the road overnight and into early Friday morning.

But, as with most winter “events” so far this year, that’s not much a winter here in the Blue Ridge.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are expected to be in the high 30s Friday, the high 40s on Saturday and the 50s on Sunday with sunny conditions then showers Monday and Tuesday and back to drier conditions.

Of course, conditions and forecasts can — and often do — change.

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