Three more coronavirus cases surface in Virginia

Deaths in Washington state, the hardest hit area in the U.S. (Reuters Photo)
The Old Dominion now has five confirmed infectees join more than 400 cases in 34 states along with 110,000 cases in the world and more than 3,800 deaths.

Virginia’s confirmed cases of coronavirus more than doubled Monday three more residents of the Commonwealth tested positive for the rapidly-spreading infection that is spreading throughout the world.

Cases in Spotsylvania County and the City of Fairfax and a case in Arlington County joined the two cases confirmed over the weekend.

The Arlington resident recently returned from travel overseas and developed a fever, cough, and shortness of breath, the Virginia Department of Health confirmed. The victim’s age was listed as in the 60s,

The City of Fairfax resident was in his 80s and also returned from a trip to Egypt. His wife is also diagnosed with the virus.

The Spotsylvania resident is in their 50s and sought medical attention after also developing a cough, fever, and shortness of breath and is listed in stable condition, health officials said.

Virginia’s infectees are among some 110,000 cases confirmed around the world. At least 3,800 gave died, the World Health Organization said Monday.

The Center for Disease Control lists 19 deaths so far from the virus in the United States with at least 400 cases confirmed in 34 states.

Yale epidemiologist Nicholas Christakis has issued a threat of 35,000 deaths from this virus in this country by the end of this year. Others in his field say his prediction is “at the low end” of expectations just for America.

America had first death from the virus just outside of Seattle a little over a week ago. Now, the death toll in America is 35 times that and increasing with each passing hour. More than 3,800 have died worldwide and the death tolls are predicted to be in the millions globally before this is over.

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