Up against the wall

Spent much of the weekend flat on my back after hitting the wall with a fever, sore throat and weakness.

The docs call it exhaustion. Given the events of the past two months, I’m not surprised.  Ever since my mother fell at her home in early May, I’ve been running at full throttle, shuttling from Floyd to Radford for daily visits during her hospitalization and rehab, then to the farm to tend to family business and then back to Floyd to try and take care of business here.

Something had to give and my stamina finally gave out.

With mom’s recovery continuing in an assisted living facility, I’m hoping I can refocus on items that need attention here at home. Our yard is a disaster. If it were a kid I’d be in jail for child abuse. There are a dozen projects around the house that need attention. A half-dozen or so projects for clients are behind schedule and this is FloydFest week.

Some meds and codeine-laced cough syrup had me back on my feet by Monday so I can cover, for The Floyd Press, court on Tuesday and the four days of FloydFest starting Thursday. After two days of staying away from visiting my mother because of the potential of passing on anything contagious I made it back to Radford Monday.

Once I get through this week, I will try to take some time to relax and regain focus.


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