More than 2,200 have died nationwide from COVID-19

In Virginia, 17 have died but that number could change later when the Virginia Department of Health updates its figures later Sunday. The World Health Organization says 146,319 have recovered from the virus.

On this Sunday morning, 2,229 persons have died from the COVID-19 Coronavirus in the United States while 31,748 are listed as dead worldwide since the pandemic began more than two months ago.

Of the 678.089 certified as infected around the world, 146,319 are currently listed as “recovered” from disease.

In America, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports 3,328 recovered from the 123,781 total cases.

Virginia’s Department of Health (VDH) listed 739 cases by Saturday afternoon, but that count did not include a verified case in Blacksburg, which brings the count to 740 with 17 deaths and 99 hospitalizations. The department says 9,166 were testified by the count they released Saturday, but they do not provide a number of recoveries.

VDH does not list any confirmed cases in Floyd County, but cases exist in border counties Montgomery, Roanoke, Patrick and Franklin.

Cases do exist in Galax and Radford.

Several restaurants in Floyd County provide curbside takeout. Those who do not include the Parkway Grill, which said they could not afford to stay open for takeout and Blue Ridge Café, which is in the middle of an eviction by its landlord that began before the coronavirus pandemic began.

Carilion Clinic has treated several people with the virus but most are in self-quarantine at home while an elderly Botetourt woman is hospitalized at Roanoke Memorial.

Carilion hospitals began to push elective surgeries off to later dates after the Center for Disease Control issued new guidelines on such procedures. Those still deemed critical included neurosurgery on my wife Friday, and she remains in isolation to protect her from infections and disease as she recovers.

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