Virus deaths: 27 in VA, 3,177 in U.S. & 39,044 worldwide

Rules and executive orders increase and so do the numbers of infections and deaths.

In Virginia, 27 residents have died from the COVID-19 Coronavirus, 1250 infections are confirmed and 165 are hospitalized, the Virginia Department of Health reported Tuesday morning.

Carroll County has a confirmed case but Floyd County has not shown a positive test among the 13,401 checked statewide.

In Northern Virginia, Fairfax County has the most infections: 244, followed by Arlington County with 194,

VDH reports 11 deaths in the Eastern Health Planning Region, seven in Northern, seven in central and two in Southwest.

Roanoke County has three cases and Roanoke City 6, which five are now confirmed in Franklin County and 5 in Botetourt. Montgomery County has one plus one in Radford.

More information coming…

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