Floyd County does not have a confirmed COVID-19 case

Deaths from the virus total 109 in Virginia, says the latest report from the Virginia Department of Health. Infections in The Old Dominion: 4042.

For a while it seemed like Floyd County had its first confirmed case of COVID-19 Coronavirus infection, the Virginia Department of Health reported Thursday. Deaths from the virus also now total 109 with 4,042 confirmed infections and 33,026 tested and 685 hospitalizations.

But the listing by VDH turned out to be a “data-entry error.” Its new report issued Thursday morning also lists 6 dead in the Southwest health planning region. That, we are told, is not an error.

Carroll County now has 3 infections and another 1 in Galax, Montgomery County has 17, Franklin County 13, Henry County 5, Pulaski County 3, Roanoke City 15, Roanoke County 9 and Salem 1.

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