A data-entry error cure in the COVID-19 war

The corrected map from the Virginia Department of Health on April 10, 2020.
On Thursday, the Virginia Department of Health reported a confirmed case of the Coronavirus in Floyd County. On Friday, the virus was gone in the county. Miracle cure? Nope. Data entry error.

The Virginia Department of Health Friday morning cured Thursday’s misleading claim that someone in Floyd County had contracted the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

No, it wasn’t a miracle cure. Just a “data entry error.”

VDH’s report sparked a lot of discussion on social media Thursday and an anxious phone call from the Floyd County Sheriff Brian Craig about a supposed confirmed case they hadn’t heard anything about.

The director of the New River Valley heath district said it was a “data entry error.”

Friday’s VDH report once again lists Floyd County as one of the few Virginia localities with no confirmed reports of an infection of the deadly virus that has infected 4,509 and killed 121 in the Old Dominion.

Good news for Floyd County, for now, but some medical professionals say it can’t last. The nation and world at large knows that all too well.

At 9 a.m. EDT Friday, the World Health Organization lists deaths from the virus approaching 100,000 — 97,185. More than 1,621,756 are infected.

In the United States, 16,643 have died with 468,895 infected, says the Center for Disease Control.

The loss of jobs from the pandemic now tops more than 16 million in the U.S. — the highest unemployment since America’s Great Depression. Some in Washington are now calling this situation “Great Depression II.”

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