Staying home, where it’s safe

Our home.

In 2004, when Amy and I told friends in Washington, DC, and Arlington County, where we had lived for 23 years, that we were moving to a hilltop home in Floyd County, several of them said: “You’ll be back in a year, or two, at the most.”

That was more than 15 years ago. We’re still on our hilltop, here in Floyd.

When we look at how the COVID-19 Coronavirus is affecting both the Capital and our home for nearly a quarter of a century, we’re glad to be here and not there.

Arlington County this morning has 312 confirmed virus victims — third highest concentration in Virginia. Washington, DC, has 1,527 infections with 33 dead.

Madison County, Illinois, which includes the city of Alton, our home for 12 years before moving to Arlington, reports 99 confirmed infections on Friday.

In Floyd County, we have no confirmed infections of the virus and no deaths attributed to it.

We’re not going back to Arlington, or to Washington, or to Alton.

We’ll stay here, at home, where it’s safe.

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© 2021 Blue Ridge Muse