Floyd County now has a real case of COVID-19

Virginia Department of Health Report as of April 11, 2020.
A report on Thursday of infection in Floyd County turned out to be a data zip code mixup and was removed. The new one is a resident now in self-quarantine.

Floyd County once again has a “first confirmed case” of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. An original one reported Thursday by the Virginia Department of Health was removed as a “data entry error” but now another one has become the first in the Saturday morning report.

According to a press release by the VDH, the new infected resident if in “self-quarantine” at home in Floyd County and the department is tracing his or her movements to try and locate the source of the infection.

Virginia now has 5,077 case of the virus with 837 hospitalized and 130 deaths. The Commonwealth has tested 37,999 so far in this fight against the pandemic that has now killed more than 103,000 worldwide and infected more than 1.7 million.

The United States now, at this writing, has 503,17 cases with 18,761 deaths and is close to passing Italy as the country with the highest toll.

Developing story…will be continued.

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