Confirmed COVID-19 virus infections in Floyd remain at 1

(Courtesy of the Virginia Department of Health)
Patrick County remains the county closest to Floyd with no confirmed infections while Montgomery, Roanoke City and County collectively have more than 60.

With COVID-19 confirmed infections now over 6,000 and 154 dead in Virginia, only one confirmed case of the infection is located in Floyd County and Patrick has none. Virginia Department of Health reports 42,763 had undergone tests for the virus as of 5 p.m. Monday.

Worldwide, infections are expected to hit 2 million confirmed cases by Wednesday with 120,897 deaths reported at 9 a.m. EDT Tuesday. In the United States, 23,644 had died by 9 a.m. with 587,173 infections.

Around Floyd, Montgomery County has 33 infections. Roanoke City 21, Roanoke County 16 and Franklin County 15. Wythe reports 7, Pulaski, Carroll County 3 and Radford 1.

The local numbers come from the Virginia Department Health and are at least 12 hours old. The data collection ends at 5 p.m. each day and are reported shortly after 9 a.m. each morning.

The hardest-hit localities in the Old Dominion are Fairfax County, with 1,207, Prince William with 508, Henrico 421, Arlington 401, Loudoun 344 and Virginia Beach 252.

Virginia remains one of the many states under lockdown with directions to stay at home except when necessary to get groceries, see a doctor, get a prescription refilled or other exempt trips out.

National numbers come from the Center for Disease Control and the Federal Emergency Management Agency and worldwide numbers from the World Health Organization.

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