324 dead in Virginia with 9,360 cases of COVID-19

VDH is releasing the number of hospitalizations by county now along with deaths. No deaths yet in our area.

Virginia now has 324 deaths from the Coronavirus pandemic with 9,360 cases and 1,581 hospitalizations, the Commonwealth’s Department of Health (VDH) reported Tuesday with some caveats.

Patrick County now has one case and Floyd County’s case count remains at one. Neither county has anyone hospitalized.

The 324 deaths are listed as 321 confirmed with 3 probable, hospitalizations show 1,578 confirmed and 3 probable and total cases are 9,451 with 179 probable (waiting for final test results).

VDH says 58,354 have been tested.

In other counties adjoining Floyd County, Roanoke city and county have 50 cases total with another 6 in Salem with 6 hospitalized, Montgomery County now has 48 with 6 hospitalized, Franklin County 16 cases with 2 hospitalized, Pulaski County 8 cases with 2 hospitalized and Carroll County 3 cases and 1 hospitalized. No deaths in any of these counties.

Throughout the Commonwealth, Fairfax County still leads with 2,077 cases and 379 in the hospital with 64 deaths, Prince William 867 cases with 94 hospitalized and 16 deaths, Henrico 621 deaths and 375 hospitalized and 64 dead, and Arlington 625 cases with 134 hospitalized and 23 deaths.

Updated:  12:20 GMT 8:20 pm EDT

Number Tested: 
Confirmed Cases:
Deaths: 324

United States:
Deaths : 42,518
Recoveries: 72,389

: 2,501,571
Deaths: 171,721
Recovered: 658,458

(Information obtained from the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and the Virginia Department of Health.)

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