Mother Nature is having too many bad hair days

Mother Nature keeps flirting with new ways to confuse us about which season this is.

She keeps teasing the lowest temperature at this time of year, coming within one degree of setting a new temperature over the weekend by just one degree.

This after high temperature enticing us earlier in the month.

Notes Roanoke Times weather guru Kevin Myatt:

But that 1 degree on the official temperature could make a big difference, academically, on the official climate record. Presuming there is not another morning 32 or colder the rest of the spring, Roanoke’s last freeze date would be March 8, not April 19, as it would have been with a 1-degree drop on Sunday.

March 8 would be the earliest last freeze on record for Roanoke and significantly pull back a shifting long-term average last freeze date, being seven weeks earlier than it could have been.

It is still, of course, possible that there will be a 32-degree low yet to come.

The latest last freeze on record for the spring season in Roanoke is May 11, in 1923 and 1966, and it has happened April 22 or later 23 times since the start of official local weather data in 1912.

–Kevin Myatt: The Roanoke Times

The thermometer on our back porch this morning read 34 degrees at o6oo on this Wednesday morning. That’s reasonably cool for this time of year but not record-setting. Gusty winds make the temp feel even cooler.

A freezing morning in May? Entirely possible, given the roller coaster ride of temperatures and weather, we have seen so far in 2020.

The National Weather Service office in Blacksburg tells us tonight’s low should be around 48 afer a high in the 60s, then 54 as both a high and a low on Thursday with rain.

Myatt adds:

We do have some more cold fronts moving through on the next couple of weeks, which will keep temperatures from getting really warm and also provide a few chilly mornings between periods of rain.

Keep an eye on projected low temperatures, plus frost advisories and freeze warnings from the National Weather Service, if you have tender outdoor vegetation or planting plans.

–Kevin Myatt: The Roanoke Times

Sometimes it feels like Spring. Maybe.

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