Finally, data on Virginia’s virus cases, deaths & more

After spending most of the day trying to correct an error that prevented it from presenting the latest COVID-19 Coronavirus data for the Commonwealth, the Virginia Department finally got the numbers up late Wednesday afternoon.

Total cases in Virginia: 10.266 (9,952 confirmed, 314 listed as “probable”), 349 dead (347 confirmed, 2 proable) and 1,659 hospitalized (1,656 confirmed, 3 probable) and 60,778 tested.

Floyd County’s one confirmed case continues as the only one in this county, along with the single case in Patrick. No hospitalizations in either county.

Roanoke city and county have 58 confirmed cases with 5 in the hospital in Roanoke. Salem has 8 cases, all in self-quarantine.

Montgomery County has 50 confirmed cases with 6 hospitalized. Carroll County has 3 with 1 in the hospital, Pulaski County has 9 cases with 2 in the hospital while Wythe has 11 cases with 1 hospitalized.

In other parts of the Old Dominion, Fairfax County still has the most confirmed cases 2,256 cases, 405 hospitalized and 66 dead. Prince William has 924 cases, 101 hospitalized and 17 dead. Henrico’s 684 cases come in second, with 96 hospitalized, and 82 dead. Arlington lists 663 cases, 116 in hospitals, and 24 dead.

Loudoun County ranks fifth with 475 cases,, 61 in hospital and 9 deaths.

The data:

Number Tested: 
Confirmed Cases:
Deaths: 349

United States:
Deaths : 47,524
Recoveries: 83,917

: 2,632,532
Deaths: 183,866
Recovered: 716,877

(Information obtained from the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and the Virginia Department of Health.)

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