Rain brings pain in too many places on an old body

Both knees went South this morning, aching and stiff. “Probably rain,” I said to my self as I hobbled up the stairs to my studio and stopped to look out the window. Yep, rain.

Assuming the forecast from the National Weather Service office in Blacksburg is correct (aways a big assumption), we have rain off and on all day and into the night with a possibility of “scattered thunderstorms” around midnight.

Who needs Doppler radar and talkative “meteorologists?” The arthritis that snakes through my body is more accurate when it comes to rain.

With luck, if one can call weather lucky, the rain may start tapering off bout 4 a.m. Friday.

Big deal. The weather grinches predict more thunderstorms on Saturday, then maybe three days of relative dryness before more rain on Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

Perhaps I can tackle our hillside front lawn that is close to becoming a wilderness area. I also need to plow our rut-filled driveway, if I can get it dry enough, but this is the month for April showers, for at least seven more days.

The first full week of May, however, looks like at least four days of showers.

Several obscenities come to mind but I will refrain.

For the moment.

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