Virginia reports 372 COVID-19 virus deaths

Testing for the virus.

Virginia now has 372 deaths from the Coronavirus, reports the Virginia Department of Health Thursday morning.

That number is 370 confirmed dead by the virus and 2 “probable,” which apparently means they are deceased but the exact cause of death is still not yet confirmed.

Same for the 10,998 cases reported by VDH. 10,827 are confirmed with 371 probable. Of the 1,753 hospitalized, 10 are listed as probable. At least 64,518 have been tested.

Floyd and Patrick counties still have just 1 confirmed cases apiece with no hospitalizations or deaths. Montgomery County has 50 cases with 6 in hospital — no change either.

Carroll County has three cases and one in the hospital, Franklin lists 17 cases with 2 hospitalized but Roanoke County has 34 cases with no hospitalizations while Roanoke city lists 28 cases and 5 in the hospital. Salem has 8 cases with none in the hospital. Pulaski County lists 9 cases with 2 in the hospital.

All the localities listed above report no deaths. Wythe County, however, lists 11 cases, 1 hospitalized and 1 dead.

The numbers of cases, hospitizations and death increase dramatically elsewhere in the Old Dominon.

Fairfax Count has 2,362 cases, 431 in the hospital and 76 deaths. Prince William: 1,027 cases, 108 hospitalized and 18 deaths. Henrico lists 718 infections, 98 hospitalized and 83 deaths, many of them from nursing homes. Arlington reports 686 cases, 118 in hospitals and 24 dead.

Number Tested: 
Confirmed Cases:
Deaths: 372

United States:
Deaths : 47,684
Recoveries: 89,250

: 2,658,794
Deaths: 185,441
Recovered: 730,040

(Information obtained from the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and the Virginia Department of Health.)

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