Virgina virus toll: 14,339 infected, 492 dead

Virginia’s death toll from the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic stands at 492–an increase from 38 from Monday, the Virginia Department of Health reported Tuesday morning.

The Commonwealth has 14,339 cases and 2,165 hospitalized.

Floyd County still have just one confirmed case and Patrick Countys count remains at 2.

Roanoke County has 41 cases with another 35 in the city and 12 in Salem. Montgomery County has 54 cases with 1 dead and another 3 infections in Radford. Franklin County lists 20 cases, Pulaski has 9 and Carroll 4 and another 4 in Galax.

State, National and World Data (Updated at 9:33 a.m. EDT Monday)::

Number Tested: 
Confirmed Cases:
Deaths: 492

United States:
Deaths : 56.808
Recoveries: 139.418

: 3,085,078
Deaths: 212,533
Recovered: 934,805

(Information obtained from the Center for Disease Control, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, World Health Organization, and the Virginia Department of Health.)

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