Is this were a normal Spring…

Tennis practice.
Capturing a long fly for an out at the outfield fence.

Student athletes would be excelling in Floyd County High School sports if schools were not shut down for the remainder of this academic year and, as the photographer assigned by The Floyd Press to cover those sports, I would be spending a lot of time shooting images.

I did manage to shoot scrimmage at a softball game before all activities were canceled and some shots of tennis practice but the season was just beginning and images of baseball, track and soccer were planned for the week after the Commonwealth and the Virginia High School League pulled the plug on on all games.

Here’s some images of what could have been. Over the next few days, we will pull images from our archives of other sports that we missed in these days of stay-at-home and lockdown orders.

Our condolences to the students and athletes who lost out on the sports they enjoyed and excelled in. Same for the prom and a graduation ceremony. You deserved it all.

Safe at second.

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