Sunday’s Va. virus stats: 660 dead, 18,761 infected – maybe

The most common test for coronavirus infections checks for the virus' genetic material.. (Jane Barlow/Getty Images)

Sunday’s “official” report by the Virginia Department of Health show 660 suspected deaths in the Old Dominion from COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Reported cases of the virus are 18,671 with 2,627 hospitalized.

Floyd County’s report still shows 3 infected with 1 of them in the hospital.

This report, released each morning, is an estimated count of cases, deaths, etc. reported to VDH as of 5 p.m. each day.

There are caveats: While VDH reports 119,065 tested for infections, nearly 9,000 of those tests were of the same people more than once. The agency says 107,205 were “unique people tested.”

Same to other figures: Of 18,671 reported “cases” 798 are “probable” and not confirmed. At least 14 of the 2,627 reported hospitalizations are “probable.” Of the 660 deaths, 16 are considered “probable,” which, we are told, means the probable cause of death.

VDH says the report may be incomplete from April 26 until May 2. The report posted Sunday does not break down “confirmed” and “probable” numbers for localities.

Complete or not, Sunday’s VDH report shows 81 infections in Roanoke City with 5 hopitalized, 57 in Roanoke County (1 in hospital), and 26 cases with 2 in the hospital in Salem.

Montgomery has 56 cases, 7 hospitalized and 1 dead. Franklin County list 23 cases with 3 hospitalized. Wythe County has 12 cases, 1 hospitalized and 1 dead. Carroll County lists 15 cases with two in hospitals and Patrick has 2 cases.

Elsewhere, Fairfax County leads the Commonwealth with 4,340 cases, 739 hospitalized and 184 deaths. Prince William has 2026 cases, 199 hospitalized and 30 dead.

Statewide, national and global data at of 9:30 a.m. EDT Sunday:

Number Tests:
Confirmed Cases:
Deaths: 660

United States:
Deaths : 67,492
Recoveries: 173,910

: 3,507,442
Deaths: 245,241
Recovered: 1,130,12

(Information obtained from the Center for Disease Control, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, World Health Organization, and the Virginia Department of Health.)

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