Soccer: Adding kick to the FCHS sports’ schedule

The Lady Buffs stop a goal attempt by James River.

Soccer is an international game that came late into areas like Southwestern Virginia and Floyd County High School but has drawn interest from players, parents and fans.

It is a constantly changing and flowing game with few breaks in the action and demands intensity in playing and watching to follow the shifts in momentum.

Another sports down for the season during the pandemic.

FCHS soccer player on the attack.

Soccer action against Auburn

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1 thought on “Soccer: Adding kick to the FCHS sports’ schedule”

  1. I was on a committee at the High School when Soccer came on the scene and it was hard to get approval for them to buy jerseys. The kids were supper excited when they went one Sunday and beat the team of adults playing at the elementary school.
    I played hockey in my youth and love the sport. I became a soccer fan and went to a lot of the games at the high school. It’s like slow hockey 🙂

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