Virginia virus deaths pass 800, U.S. closes in on 80,000

Counties with deaths as of 5/7/20. White counties have no deaths listed yet (Map courtesy of the Virginia Department of Health).
Floyd County's case count remains at 3 with 1 hospitalized but cases and deaths continue to rise in Virginia, the nation and around the world.

Deaths from COVID-10 Coronavirus infections passed the 800 mark Friday with 812 listed as confirmed and probable with 22,342, cases, 3,059 hospitalized and 143,220 tests, the Virginia Department of Health reports.

Floyd County still has 3 cases with one hospitalized with Patrick County at 4 cases.

The city of Roanoke leads area localities with 91 cases, 6 hospitalized and 1 death, Roanoke County has 62 cases and 2 in hospitals and Salem lists 30 cases with 2 hospitalized.

Montgomery County has 61 cases, 9 in hospitals and 1 death. Carroll County now lists 26 cases with 2 hospitalized.  Franklin County’s report shows 25 cases with 2 hospitalized. Wythe County has 12 infected, 1 in a hospital and 1 death.

Elsewhere in the Old Dominion, Fairfax leads with 5,581 cases, 881 hospitalized and 227 dead while neighboring Prince William County lists 2,474 infected, 255 in hospitals and 46 deaths.

Worldwide, those infected are expected to pass 4 million later today. The current count is 3,948,089 with 271,725 dead.  In the United States, 1,293,907 cases and 76,998 deaths. Deaths in America are expected to pass 80,000 in a couple of days.

Data Roundup:

Number of Tests: 
Confirmed Cases: 

United States:
Deaths : 76,998
Recoveries: 217,251

: 3,942,354
Deaths:  271,637
Recoveries: 1,356,191

(Information obtained from the Center for Disease Control, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, World Health Organization, and the Virginia Department of Health.)


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