Virus death tolls: 850 in Va, 80,789 nationally, 284,398 worldwide

(Courtesy of the Virginia Department of Health)
Floyd County's virus counts: 3 cases with 1 hospitalized.

While 11 deaths in a day in Virginia from the coronavirus may not seem like good news, that total is a drop from daily reports just a week ago.

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH ) issued Monday morning shows 850 deaths through 5 p.m. Sunday from the pandemic that has killed at least 80,789 nationwide and at least 284,398 around the world.

The Old Dominion has 25,070 cases of the disease with 3.300 hospitalized, VDH says.

Floyd County’s virus case count remains at 3 with 1 hospitalized.

The drop in deaths and infections in the Commonwealth increases the chances that Gov. Ralph Northam will allow some businesses and restaurants to open on Friday, with restrictions, in a two-week “first phase.” If cases and deaths do not go up sharply, more openings are planned by the end of May.

Regionally, the city of Roanoke has topped 100 cases with 106 reported with 1 death and 7 hospitalized, Roanoke County shows 79 cases with 5 in hospitals while Salem let’s 32 cases with 5 hospitalized.

Montgomery has 66 cases 1 death and 9 hospitalized; Carroll County 34 cases with 3 hospitalizations; Franklin County 28 cases, 3 in hospitals; Pulaski 9 cases, 2 in hospitals; and Patrick County showing 4 cases.

Numbers increase in Northern Virginia with Fairfax County reporting 6,200 cases, 243 deaths, and 946 hospitalized while Prince William at 2,661 cases, 53 deaths, and 284 in hospitals.

Other data:

Confirmed Cases: 25,070
Number of Tests: 167,758

United States:
Deaths: 8o,789
Recoveries: 256,336

: 4,208,083
Deaths:  284,398
Recoveries: 1,504,586

(Information obtained from the Center for Disease Control, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the World Health Organization, and the Virginia Department of Health.)

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