Va. virus deaths go up by 41 deaths, 680 cases

Floyd County cases remain at 3 with 1 hospitalized. Patrick County cases increase fo 5 and other localities see increases.

The lower rate of increases and deaths in the Old Dominion from the Coronavirus in Virginia came to an end Monday as the latest report from the Virginia Department of Health showed a jump of 41 deaths (up to a total of 891) and 680 new cases of infections, raising that number to 25,800.

While Floyd County’s cases remain at 3 with one hospitalized, Patrick County added a fifth case to its total and other adjoining localities saw increases as well.

Roanoke city now has 108 cases with 1 death and 7 hospitalized.  Roanoke County shows 79 infections and 5 hospitalized while Salem is up to 32 cases and 4 in hospitals.

Montgomery County has 66 cases, 1 death, and 9 hospitalized. Carroll County: 34 cases, 2 hospitalized. Pulaski: 9 cases and 2 in the hospital. Wythe County: 14 infected, 1 dead, 1 hospitalized.

In Northern Virginia, Fairfax County leads the Commonwealth with 6,470 cases, 253 dead, and 972 in hospitals. Prince William’s cases now stand at 3,078 with 58 dead and 299 hospitalized.

Other data statewide, nationally and worldwide:

Updated:  13:11 GMT 09:11 a.m. EDT

Confirmed Cases: 25,750
Number of Tests: 171,239

United States:
Deaths : 81,909
Recoveries: 262,225

: 4,285,185
Deaths:  288,152
Recoveries: 1,543,860


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