Failure to mask up

Sadly, we still see too many people without masks out in public enclosed places. That's illegal and unsafe.

We see too many people ignoring the state order to wear masks in public enclosed spaces throughout the Old Dominion. They also tend to get in peoples’ faces too, ignoring the social distancing of six feet. Even saw a Floyd County sheriff’s department investigator maskless in Food Lion last Sunday.

With just over or just under 1,000 new cases a day showing up each morning in the daily updates by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), you’d think folks would get the hint that every little bit helps when it comes to keeping the COVID-19 Coronavirus at bay.

Drove Amy over to Carilion’s physical therapy offices in Christiansburg Monday afternoon and saw a plethora of masks on people’s faces in public and in public exposed places.

Maybe it’s Montgomery County’s 78 cases and one death that brings more attention to protective measures. Floyd County had 7 cases with 2 hospitalizations in the VDH report on Tuesday morning.

We wear masks whenever we venture out for grocery shopping, doctor visits or other errands. The masks have become second nature in our lives.

Too bad others do not think protecting themselves and others is important.

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  1. I don’t understand why it so hard to wear a mask in public. It is not a violation of our civil rights.. we wear seat belts now but a lot of people thought in the beginning it wasn’t right.. this is for our health and our neighbors health and to get this virus under control.

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