Virginia virus deaths top 1,500

(Courtesy of the Virginia Department of Health)

With 18 more deaths reported by 5 p.m. Tuesday, more than 1,500 have died from the COVID-19 Coronavirus in Virginia.

Wednesday’s daily report from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) puts the death toll so far in the Old Dominion at 1,517 — an increase of 18 from the day before.

In Floyd County, virus count remains at 8, with one dead and two hospitalized.

In the region, Roanoke city’s 207 cases and 10 deaths remains the locality with most, an increase of 3. Roanoke County has 125 cases, a drop of 1, with 5 deaths and Salem has 42 cases with 3 dead.

Carroll County has 153 cases and 5 deaths.

Statistically, Floyd County has an average of 50.6 cases and 6.3 cases per 100,000 population while Carroll County’s rate is 516.3 cases and 16.9 cases per 100k.

In Virginia, Fairfax County has 12,746 cases with 4,451 hospitalized and 422 dead, which gives them the lead in actual counts and a case rate of 1,107.6 cases and 36.7 deaths per 100,00.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced a three-phase plan to reopen schools this fall but the plan has limitations that will put some students in class while others study at home and social distancing regulations will limit the numbers of students on buses.

Statistical overview on the COVID-19 Coronavirus:

Updated:  14:00 GMT 09:00 a.m. EDT

Floyd County: 
Infections: 8 (Unchanged)
Hospitalized: 2 (Unchanged)
Deaths: 1 (Unchanged)

Infections: 52,177 (+439)
5,272 (+69)
1,514 (+18)

United States:

: 7,356,007
Deaths: 414,430
Recoveries: 3,312,083

(Information obtained from the Center for Disease Control, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the World Health Organization, World meter, and the Virginia Department of Health.)

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