Another Coronavirus case found in Floyd County

(Courtesy of the Virginia Department of Health)
The county lags behind other localities in the region with Roanoke City and Carroll County leading in infections.

Floyd County’s coronavirus cases increased Saturday with the Virginia Department of Health’s daily tally showing 9 cases — an increase of 1.

Floyd County also has one death attributed to the COVID-19 Coronavirus worldwide pandemic that has killed 428,927 and infected 7.7 million around the globe with 2.1 million infections in the United States and 116,847.

Carroll County’s infections continue to increase at an alarming rate with 165 cases, 15 hospitalized and 5 dead. Roanoke city has 247 cases, 11 in hospitals and 10 dead, Roanoke County reports 134 cases, 10 hospitalized and 5 deaths.

Montgomery County now has 2 deaths, 96 cases and 10 in hospitals, Franklin County reports 43 cases, 5 hospitalized and one death. Patrick County lists 31 cases and 2 hospitalized. Grayson County has 2 deaths, 66 cases and two hospitalized. Pulaski has 1 death, 6 hospitalize and 30 cases.

Fairfax County in Northern Virginia leads the Commonwealth with 12,939 cases and 423 deaths.

Neighboring North Carolina reported its largest single-day record of cases Friday and now has more than 41,000 and 1,092 deaths. Mandy Cohen, the state’s Health and Human Service Secretary says stay-at-home orders, lifted in May, may have to return.

“We’ve been at this a long time and people are weary of Covid-19. They’re kind of over it,” Cohen told The Washington Post. “But unfortunately for us in North Carolina, this is our first wave. The virus is still here.”

Covid-19 Coronavirus statistics:


Updated:  14:00 GMT 09:00 a.m. EDT

Floyd County: 
Infections: 9 (+1)
Hospitalized: 2 (Unchanged)
Deaths: 1 (Unchanged)

Infections: 53,869 (+658)
5,511 (+66)
1,534 (+7)

United States:

: 7,765,626
Deaths: 428,725
Recoveries: 3,983,706

(Information obtained from the Center for Disease Control, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the World Health Organization, World meter, and the Virginia Department of Health.)

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