Only good use of the confederate flag?

Considering the contentious discussion over what to do with the confederate flag. Most states in America now forbid flying the flag in front of statehouses. It’s considered an icon of white supremacy, slavery, and racism.

Nearly all schools won’t let students wear garments adorned by the flag.

Hell, even NASCAR now bans the flag.

So does the Marine Corps.

And, soon, the Navy.

The Senate Armed Services last week approved a resolution to rename all military bases current named for confederate generals within three years. Donald Trump claims authority he doesn’t have to stop that move but American voters should stop him in the November presidential election.

A decision by the U.S. Supreme Court allows Americans to burn the Stars and Stripes but five Southern states ban burning the confederate flag.

After I wrote about getting rid of the flag in public displays, a few people wrote to ask what if anything, we might consider an “acceptable use” of that piece of cloth.

In our opinion, the only “acceptable” use for the flag is shown above. Barely covering that young lady’s butt is, at least, something to look at with some delight (and, yes, her model release shows she is age 22).

OK, maybe the bikini should be a little smaller and a bit tighter. There’s always room for debate on such issues, like confederate “good old boys” wanting to pull down this confederate flag.

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1 thought on “Only good use of the confederate flag?”

  1. This whole World has gone Crazy. There are People out there that just really don’t Know what there doing. They have no Idea what there Protesting for. They just play follow the leader. All of a sudden They go with all these other people that they don’t even know. And Destroy anything in there way. They need a Big Wake up CALL. Arrest them all put them in Prison for a while to think what is Right and Wrong with some Really BAD people. So sad that this World is being Tore Apart by its OWN People. Same on you all. If they like Burning down other people’s towns let them live there. Put them up in the buildings they burn. Let them Sleep on the floors with Nothing. And no food . Teach them that they can’t get away with it. It’s History there taken away from the Kids growing up. Wake UP. Act like Adults not idiots. Think about it.

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